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A60, 5004 at Baker Street.1 viewsA look at Baker Street Station in 2009, before the platforms were altered and lengthened for the introduction of the new S Stock. In the company of a vintage lamp, A60 Driving Motor Car 5004 is at the front of a service to Amersham on June 22nd 2009. When newly delivered from Cravens Ltd of Sheffield, 5004 was selected to appear, with locos and stock from BR, at an exhibition to celebrate 50 years of the Institute of Locmotive Engineers, held at Marylebone Goods Terminal from the 11-14 May 1961.
S Stock 21097 at Harrow-on-the-Hill.0 viewsThe new order on the Metropolitan. S Stock car 21097 brings a train from Uxbridge into Harrow-on-the-Hill whilst en-route to Aldgate on September 9th 2012. The track layout here dates back to the modernisation of the Metropolitan Line in the late 1950s & early 1960s, when the section from Harrow-on-the-Hill to Watford South Junction was quadrupled and an underpass was installed here to avoid conflicting movements for services to and from Uxbridge.
C69 DM 5511 departs High Street Kensington.0 viewsBound for Moorgate on a Circle Line service, C69 DM 5511 trails at the rear as it departs from High Street Kensington on February 9th 2013. Approaching is C69 DM, 5531 with a Wimbledon to Edgware Road District Line service.
C77 DM 5707 arrives at Notting Hill Gate.0 viewsAdorned with a Poppy, C77 DM 5707 arrives at Notting Hill Gate with a Wimbledon to Edgware Road District Line service on February 9th 2013. Besides the Circle and Hammersmith & City, the C Stock is also used on District Line services between Edgware Road and Wimbledon due to Platform length issues with D Stock.

C69 DM 5506 arrives at Wimbledon.0 viewsC69 DM 5506 brings a District Line service from Edgware Road into Wimbledon on February 16th 2013.
C69 DM 5562 at Upton Park.0 viewsC69 DM 5562 stands at Upton Park trailing at the rear of a Hammersmith to Barking service on June 15th 2013.
C69 DM 5605 at Barking.0 viewsWith Equinox House dominating the skyline, C69 DM 5605 awaits departure from the terminal platform for services to Hammersmith at Barking on June 15th 2013.
Ealing Broadway.1 views1992 Tube Stock DM 91303 stands in Platform 6 at Ealing Broadway with a Central Line service, whilst in the background a District Line service formed of D78 stock stands in platform 8 awaiting departure to Upminister. June 7th 2014.

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Upminister C2C/District Line.0 viewsArrivals at Upminister under a threatening sky on August 1st 2015. As C2C 357007 arrives with the 16.50 Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness, D78 7089 brings a terminating District Line service from Ealing Broadway. Alongside, D78 7509 is at the rear of a service to Richmond awaiting departure.Sep 09, 2015
D78 DM 7046 at Upminister.0 viewsLate afternoon sunlight illuminates the side of D78 DM 7046 at Upminister, with a District Line service to Ealing Broadway on August 1st 2015.Sep 09, 2015
CO/CP Stock Birds Scrapyard, Long Marston.0 viewsWithdrawn ex-District Line CO/CP Stock was awaiting the call in Birds Scrapyard at Long Marston on October 12th 1981. The car numbers were 53048, 53020, 54348 & 013184. Just visible on the right are two stacked BR Mark I CK coaches, E15838 & 15844. Today scenes like this would not be possible in the obsessive health & safety culture that now prevails.Dec 07, 2014
CO/CP Stock Birds Scrapyard, Long Marston.0 viewsIn a scene that would give todays Health & Safety brigade a seizure, Pre-war withdrawn CO/CP Stock Cars were stacked at Birds Scrapyard, Long Marston on October 12th 1981. The car numbers were 013184, 54248 & 53020.
The last surviving vintage CO/CP trains were ousted from District Line services in 1981 being replaced by newly-delivered D78 Stock, which has now come to the end of its operational life and is in turn being replaced by new Bombardier S Stock units.
Dec 07, 2014

A60 5119 at Chesham.0 viewsA wintry scene at Chesham on January 15th 1984. A 4-Car A60 set in original condition has just arrived at the branch terminus following a 3.89 mile run from the bay platform at Chalfont & Latimer on the Metropolitan Main line from Baker Street to Amersham. The nearest car is DM 5119. The station still retained its platform canopy, water tower and disused bay platform.Oct 15, 2014
S7 DM 21397 departs from Royal Oak.1 viewsAlmost-new-out-of-the-box, S7 DM 21397 trails at the rear of a Hammersmith to Barking service departing from Royal Oak on June 7th 2014.Jun 15, 2014
D78 DM 7502 arrives at Ravenscourt Park.1 viewsDM 7502 brings a District Line service from Upminster to Ealing Broadway into Ravenscourt Park on June 7th 2014. The outer platform faces at Ravenscourt Park are used by District Line services only.Jun 15, 2014
1973 DM 890 Tube Stock passes Ravenscourt Park.1 viewsDM 890 (Part of a 3-Car double-ended unit) was at the rear of a Heathrow to Cockfosters Piccadilly Line service, passing through Ravenscourt Park on June 7th 2014. Piccadilly Line services normally pass through here non-stop.Jun 15, 2014

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