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31188 at Kirkham North Junction.2 viewsIn Dutch Livery, Class 31 31188 passes the former Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway signal box at Kirkham North Junction on the 8th March 1997. The loco was working ballast trains from Kirkham onto the coast line to Blackpool South, which had had the track replaced along its entire length.
Metro-Cammell Prototype Sprinter 151003 at Llandudno Jct.2 viewsThe two Metro-Cammell prototype Class 151, 3-Car Sprinter units were built in 1985, numbered 151001 & 151002. They were used for evaluation purposes, but the BREL built Class 150s were built in volume and the 151 pair were eventually withdrawn as non-standard in 1989. 151003 (ex 151001) presented a sad sight stored in the carriage shed at Llandudno Junction on the 11th April 1993. The duo were eventually moved to Crewe and were scrapped in 2004.
151004 at Llandudno Jct.2 viewsMetro-Cammell prototype Class 151, 151004 (ex 151002) stands forlorn in the carriage shed at Llandudno Junction on the 11th April 1993. Along with sister unit 151003, it had been withdrawn from service in 1989 as being non-standard. The unit is keeping company with a Class 101 produced in the same Washwood Heath factory in 1958. The 151 duo were scrapped in 2004.
HST 43082 entering Blackpool North.1 viewsFollowing arrival from Birmingham New Street the Herfordshire Railtours 'Settle & Carlisle Circular 125' Railtour on the 8th April 1989 was serviced at Blackpool North carriage sidings. 43082 was entering the station ready for the return to Birmingham New Street. Travelling via Preston where the tour reversed, then heading Nortbound over Shap, taking the Upperby Curve at Carlisle and heading South over the S&C, then via Blackburn & Bolton to Manchester Piccadilly. The HST was a spare Midland Main Line Set.

HST Power Car 43144 passes Starcross.2 viewsViewed from the drive of the Old Vicarage at Starcross, 43144 heads Northbound with 1E39, the 17.29 Plymouth to Leeds service on the 29th May 1989.
50149 -'Defiance' at Old Oak Common.2 viewsIn Railfreight Distribution Livery Class 50, 50149 -Defiance' was on display at Old Oak Common Open Day on March 19th 1994. In 1987 the loco had been fitted with lower geared bogies and turned out as an experimental Railfreight machine, used mainly in the West Country. In 1989 the loco was converted back to a standard Class 50. When finally withdrawn in 1991 it was preserved and finished in its unique Railfreight Livery.
NSE Class 50, 50005 at Starcross.1 viewsIn revised Network South East livery, 50005 -'Collingwood' disturbs the early morning quiet at Starcross on the Exe estuary at 07.33am, as it calls with the 07.12 Newton Abbot to Exeter St Davids service on May 31st 1988. Once at Exeter the 50 & stock would form an up service to London Waterloo.
50005 was new from Vulcan Foundry in January 1968, numbered D405 it was a London Midland Region loco until electrification on the WCML North of Weaver Junction saw the loco transferred to the Western Region in 1974.
Skipper 142021 departs from Starcross.0 viewsSkipper Class 142 142021 departs from Starcross with the 15.45 Exmouth to Paignton service on May 24th 1987. Delivered new to Plymouth Laira Depot for use on Devon & Cornwall local services, the Skippers 142015-142027 were not a success, and due to heavy flange wear on the tight curves of some Cornish branches the 12 units were transferred north in 1988. Some went to Heaton Depot, others to Newton Heath. 142021 subsequently carried Tyne & Wear PTE yellow, but the unit is now in Northern livery.

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Class 28 Co-Bo, D5705/TDB968006 at Swindon.1 viewsWhilst on an official visit to Swindon Works on October 12th 1981, there was a chance encounter with the sole-surviving Class 28 Co-Bo, D5705/TDB968006. Following withdrawal in 1968 the loco passed to the Derby RTC for use on the Tribology Test Train. It then was used as a train-heat locomotive in South Wales, the loco eventually passed into presevation. In 1981 the Co-Bo seemed to be still carrying its faded original green livery.Dec 07, 2014
'Lion' at Cross Lane, Salford. (Liverpool & Manchester 150).1 viewsAgainst a backdrop that has changed beyond recognition, vintage Liverpool & Manchester Railway locomotive 'Lion' rumbles along the original L&M route at Cross Lane, Salford on September 14th 1980. Consisting of three replica coaches, the train was running from Eccles to Liverpool Road (The original Manchester terminus), commemorating the opening of the line in 1830. The train was being shadowed by Police Officers in a blue Hillman Avenger, as amongst the VIPs was the then Home Secretary, Willam Whitelaw.Nov 16, 2014
47471 at Daisyfield, Blackburn.1 views47471-'Norman Tunna GC' drifts past the level crossing & signal box at Daisyfield on the North East side of Blackburn with a diverted Glasgow to Birmingham service on March 11th 1989. The train is passing the remains of Daisyfield Station closed in 1958. Beyond the derelict platforms the 47 will join the East Lancashire route at Daisyfield Junction just East of Blackburn Station. 47471 emerged from Crewe Works as D1598 in June 1964. It was withdrawn in December 2004 and scrapped in February 2005.Nov 02, 2014
Class 47, 47190 -'Pectinidae' at Padiham Power Station.0 viewsComplete with an ex-works Shell TEA bogie tank wagon, 47190 -'Pectinidae' in Railfreight Petroleum Sector livery was one of the exhibits at the Padiham Power Station open day on October 8th 1989. Allocated to Crewe Diesel Depot, the 47 was one of several that carried the Latin names for various shells, a corporate link to the traffic carried to and from from the Shell oil refinery at Stanlow. The loco was new from Brush in June 1965 numbered D1840. It was withdrawn from service in 1994 and scrapped in 1998.Apr 04, 2014

Class 58, 58039 at Doncaster Works.0 viewsUnder a brooding sky, 58039 -'Rugeley Power Station' in Railfreight Coal Sector livery, was on display as one of the exhibits at Doncaster Works open day on July 12th 1992. New from Doncaster in March 1986, 58039 was withdrawn by EWS in December 1999. In 2003 the loco was exported to Holland to work for ACTS, but in 2009 the loco was transferred to the French operator ETF, but is currently stored out of use.Mar 22, 2014
Class 58, 58030 at Butterley.0 viewsThere is still an element of newness about 58030 as it stands on display at Butterley on 13th July 1985 as part of the Midland Railway Centre diesel gala. 58030 had been constructed at Doncaster Works a month earlier in June 1985. The loco was withdrawn from service in 2002 carrying EWS maroon livery. 58030 departed for Spain in 2004 working for operator GIF.Jan 26, 2014
HST Power Car 43002 departs from Dawlish.1 viewsPioneer production HST Power Car, 43002 departs from Dawlish at the rear of the 16.35 London Paddington to Plymouth on the evening of May 31st 1995. 43002 was first off the production line at BREL Crewe in 1975. The power car is still in service as part of the First Great Western fleet based at Plymouth Laira Depot. How many miles must have this machine travelled in 39 years?Jan 22, 2014
141009 at Leeds Neville Hill Depot.0 viewsIn original condition and livery of Verona Green and Buttermilk, a rather grubby looking 141009 was stabled at Leeds Neville Hill Depot on March 15th 1987, formed of cars 55510 & 55530. The 20 narrow-bodied units were refurbished to improve reliability and to make them compatable with other second generation DMUs in 1988/89. 141009 was renumbered 141110 following refurbishment and was withdrawn from active service in 1997. The unit passed to the Weardale Railway, becoming a spares donor for 141103 (141002).Jan 02, 2014

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