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60019 & New Tank Wagons, Strand Road.9 viewsThe first working with the new tank wagons on 6M32, took place on the 26th November 2010. Class 60, 60019, complete with silver buffers, (sprayed over the grease!), waits to cross Strand Road Level Crossing.
66050 Portway, Preston Docks.6 views66050 waits alongside Portway with the tar tank wagons from Lindsey Oil Refinery on the 3rd June 2011. The train is waiting for clearance to enter the exchange sidings.
Class 37/9, 37904 at Leyland.5 viewsIt is 5.40pm on the 6th May 1993 as Class 37/9, 37904 crawls along the Up Fast Line at Leyland with a loaded train of CDA Hoppers filled with limestone from Hardendale Quarry on Shap, bound for the blast furnaces of the South Wales steel industry. The loco was fitted with a Mirrles MB275 diesel engine fitted with a Brush altenator, and sounded more like a class 56.
'Valley Lines' 142069 at Bamber Bridge.6 viewsA shortage of units at Newton Heath in early 2004 resulted in the loan of Valley Lines Class 142, 142069 from Cardiff Canton Depot. Because of the limited seating on the refurbished interior the unit was often used on the East Lancashire Corridor on Colne/Preston/Blackpool South workings.
On the 12th April 2004, the colourful unit makes a change from the dark blue First North Western units normally seen at Bamber Bridge, as it works the 15.00 Blackpool South to Colne service.

Bagnall 0-6-0ST 'Courageous'.1 viewsBagnall 0-6-0ST 'Courageous' has its fire 'thrown-out' as it is prepared to be shedded for the night at the end of the 'Dockside Revival' photo shoot on the Ribble Steam Railway on February 15th 2014. This was one of the highlights of the evening organised by Andrew Fowler, many thanks to Andrew and the guys from the railway who stayed late to ensure we all had an enjoyable evening.
DBS 60039 Strand Road.2 views60039 awaits permission to cross Strand Road level crossing with 6M32 consisting of 14 loaded tank wagons from Lindsey Oil Refinery on August 18th 2014.
DRS 66303 at Losttock Hall Junction.2 viewsDRS 66303 takes the 'back line' at Lostock Hall Junction whilst working 6K05 from Carlisle to Crewe on September 22nd 2014. 66303 was one of three locomotives delivered new for use with Fastline Freight in 2008, the three locos 66301-66303 were taken over by DRS after the demise of Fastline in 2010.
Virgin Pendolino (#Traindeer) 390112 at Preston.3 viewsVirgin Pendolino Driving Car 69212 of set 390112 complete with Christmas Reindeer vinyls, trailing at the rear of the 15.57 Glasgow Central to London Euston, stood at Preston on January 4th 2015.

Last additions - Preston & District

DELTIC - Preston Portway.1 viewsBuilt at nearby Strand Road, the prototype Deltic on loan to the Ribble Steam Railway from the NRM, was given a last run out as part of the Autumn Diesel Gala on October 3rd 2015. Sandwiched between class 14s D9537 & D9539 the loco was passing alongside Portway. The Deltic returned to the NRM at Shildon a few days later.Nov 05, 2015
D9539/DELTIC/D9537 at Preston Portway.1 viewsIn one of the most bizarre combinations ever seen on the Ribble Steam Railway, the prototype Deltic was given a run out along the line as part of the Autumn Diesel Gala on October 3rd 2015. The NRM owned loco was sandwiched between resident class 14 D9539 and D9537 on loan from the East Lancashire Railway.Nov 05, 2015
Freightliner 66596 at Fylde Road.0 viewsThe original Preston & Lancaster Railway stone bridge dating from 1840, bears the weight of Freightliner 66596 as it works a Milnthorpe to Crewe Basford Hall (6X04) engineers service on the approach to Preston at Fylde Road on August 16th 2015.Nov 01, 2015
Freightliner 66596 on Fylde Road Viaduct.0 views66596 brings a Milnthorpe to Crewe Basford Hall (6X04) engineers working onto Fylde Road Viaduct as it approaches Preston on August 16th 2015. The rear of the loco is passing over the arch that once took the now-drained Lancaster Canal under the line.Nov 01, 2015

WCRC 47851 passes Fylde Road.0 views47851 powers away from Preston whilst working a Holyhead to Edinburgh charter on Sunday 16th August 2015.Nov 01, 2015
The Fellsman passes Bamber Bridge.0 viewsIn evening light the returning Fellsman from Carlisle to Lancaster passes Bamber Bridge behind Stanier Black Five 45231 on August 12th 2015. In the loop is Freighliner 66952 recessed with a heavy Crewe Basford Hall to Blackburn engineers working.Oct 28, 2015
Freightliner 66952 departs from Lostock Hall Junction.0 views66952 digs-in as it slowly moves a laden ballast working comprising of MOA open wagons, from Crewe Basford Hall to Blackburn, departing from a lengthy stop at Lostock Hall Junction on the early evening of August 12th 2015.Oct 28, 2015
DRS 66427 & Freightliner 66952 pass at Lostock Hall Junction.0 viewsClass 66's pass on the Back Line at Lostock Hall Junction on August 12th 2015. 66427 heads south with 6K05 from Carlisle to Crewe, whilst 66952 stands at the signal with a Crewe Basford Hall to Blackburn engineers working.Oct 28, 2015

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