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Τυχαία αρχεία - BR Blues

31432 at Enfield Road Carriage Sidings, Blackpool North.6 εμφανίσειςHaving worked from Manchester Victoria, Class 31/4, 31432 has left its rake of Mark 2 coaches in the sidings at Enfield Road, just East of Blackpool North Station on the 4th April 1993. The coach on the left of this scene is Mark 2 Brake Second, 35507.
Class 47, 47449 approaching Weeton.5 εμφανίσεις47449 in Large Logo Livery hammers down Singleton Bank with the Saturday Only Blackpool North to Glasgow Central service on the 20th May 1989. The train has just passed the Distant Signal for Weeton Signal Box. In the distance a Class 150 heads for Blackpool North passing the location where in 1961 a collision occurred between a Cravens DMU working from Colne to Fleetwood, and a ballast train stood on the same line. Some of the DMU cars ended up in the adjacent field, and seven passengers were killed.
Trans-Pennine Class 124 DMU at Longsight Depot.4 εμφανίσειςDating from 1960, one of the stylish Swindon built Class 124 Trans-Pennine DMU sets, with Driving Motor Composite E51960 nearest the camera, was stabled at Longsight Depot on the 31st August 1980.
Class 104, M50453 at Blaenau Ffestiniog.3 εμφανίσειςClass 104, M50453 stands at Blaenau Ffestiniog after arrival with an excursion from East Lancashire on May 25th 1978. The 9-Car formation has been moved out of the platform road to enable the service train from Llandudno Junction to use the station.
It was to be another 4 years before the narrow gauge Ffestiniog Railway made a triumphal return to the town and sharing a new joint station with BR, enabling the former LNWR Station seen here to be closed.

33058 passes Dawlish.4 εμφανίσειςClass 33, 33058 ambles through Dawlish Station with a short freight working from Bristol to Tavistock Junction on May 28th 1987. The loco was new in 1961 as D6577, and was in service for just about 30 years before being withdrawn in June 1991. The loco was scrapped at Booths, Rotherham in 1994.
Class 25, 25200 at Barrow-In-Furness.5 εμφανίσεις25200 was stabled in the north facing bay at Barrow-In-Furness on September 28th 1982. Alongside in departmental use was an early LMS Brake Van.
The class 25 emerged new from Derby Works in June 1965, numbered D7550. It was in service for just over 20 years, being withdrawn in February 1986. The loco was scrapped by Vic Berry at Leicester in 1987.
Class 24, 24077 at Swindon Works.1 εμφανίσειςWithdrawn Class 24 24077 was out to grass at Swindon Works on July 18th 1977. The loco was new from Crewe Works in February 1960 as D5077. It was withdrawn in July 1976 and was scrapped at Swindon in June 1978.
47033 arrives at Dawlish.1 εμφανίσεις47033 and its 6-coach train of Mark 1 coaches has emerged from Kennaway Tunnel and is running alongside a busy looking Marine Parade, as it arrives at Dawlish whilst working a Paignton to Exeter St Davids local stopping service on April 8th 1980.

Τελευταίες προσθήκες - BR Blues

37013 at Farington Curve Junction.0 εμφανίσεις37013 trundles along the Up Slow as it approaches Farington Curve Junction whilst working the Saturday only Blackpool North to Sheffield formed of Mark 1 stock on August 13th 1983. This was a time-honoured Summer service that ran out and back on a Saturday running via East Lancashire and Copy Pit.
Δεκ 10, 2015
08954 at Plymouth.2 εμφανίσειςWith the roof tops of Plymouth as a backdrop, 08954 was shunting parcel and mail vans at Plymouth station on July 26th 1980. This was a time-honoured scene at all major stations - now sadly consigned to history. The 08 was new from Darington Works in October 1962 numbered D4184, its first home was at Ebbw Junction (86A) and it was tranferred to Laira (84A) in May 1971.Noε 07, 2015
47033 arrives at Dawlish.1 εμφανίσεις47033 and its 6-coach train of Mark 1 coaches has emerged from Kennaway Tunnel and is running alongside a busy looking Marine Parade, as it arrives at Dawlish whilst working a Paignton to Exeter St Davids local stopping service on April 8th 1980.Noε 07, 2015
Class 45 45005 passes Dawlish Warren.2 εμφανίσειςOn a rather overcast 8th April 1980, 45005 accelerates a lengthy NE/SW service made up of MkI stock on the Down through road at Dawlish Warren. With mechanical signalling and plenty of loco-hauled trains - Happy Days!Οκτ 02, 2015

Class 25, 25221 at Wigan Springs Branch.3 εμφανίσειςWithdrawn Class 25 25221 pokes out from under Warrington Road bridge at the side of Wigan Springs Branch Depot on June 30th 1984. 25221 was originally D7571, built at Derby Works in 1963, it was withdrawn in January 1984 and after lanquishing for a while at Wigan, was scrapped at Swindon Works in 1986.Mαρ 08, 2015
08457 at Rugby.1 εμφανίσειςOn a damp May 17th 1981, 08457 spends Sunday Afternoon sheltering in one of the bay platforms under the LNWR overall roof at Rugby.Mαρ 08, 2015
Class 40, 40082 at Northwich Depot.6 εμφανίσειςOn a damp 9th September 1984, 40082 was stabled outside Northwich Depot between duties. The loco was new from Vulcan Foundry at Newton-Le-Willows in June 1960 as D282. Its first allocation was at York (50A). It spent 13 years as an Eastern Region machine before being transferred to the London Midland Region in 1973. 40082 was withdrawn from service due to power unit damage in November 1984 and was scrapped at Crewe Works in January 1986.
Mαρ 01, 2015
Class 306 EMUs at Leicester (GC).2 εμφανίσειςDating from 1949, former Liverpool St-Shenfield Class 306 EMUs, 055, 033, 083 & 078 wait at the entrance to Vic Berrys Scrapyard at Leicester on July 19th 1982. The location is adjacent to the former Great Central Main Line, that last saw a passenger train in 1969 when the DMU service between Rugby and Nottingham was withdrawn. Upperton Road bridge that once spanned the extensive trackwork at this location, was demolished in 2007 - yet another bit of the infrastructure of the old GC Main Line lost forever.Φεβ 13, 2015

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