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91122 at Marholm.1 viewsStill in GNER blue livery, 91122 provides the power at the rear of an Edinburgh to Kings Cross, East Coast Trains service, passing Marholm on the northern approach to Peterborough on the 11th June 2011.
86609 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsLooking like an old War Horse, work stained & battered, class 86 86609 stands in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on March 26th 2011. The loco was a product of Doncaster Works in 1965, and entered traffic as E3102.
East Coast 91112 at Colton Junction.1 viewsWith loco & coaches still carrying GNER blue livery. Class 91, 91112 speeds northbound at Colton Junction on the 30th July 2011.
Class 87, 87027 approaches Leyland.4 viewsOn an early morning all-stations Birmingham International to Lancaster Service, 87027-'Wolf of Badenoch' prepares to call at Leyland on the 19th June 1987. This service was the only electric hauled train that stopped at Leyland Station.

Class 81, 81011 at Leyland.2 viewsClass 81, 81011 stands at Leyland Station with a Birmingham International to Lancaster all-stations service on the 30th June 1986. The service arrived at Leyland at 8am, mopping up a large number of Preston bound commuters in the process. 81011 was built in 1960 numbered E3013.
Freightliner Class 86s, 86610 & 86638 at Basford Hall Yard, Crewe.1 viewsVintage Freightliner Class 86 Electrics, 86610 & 86638 stand in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on the 5th May 2012.
The combined age of these two locomotives is 94 years!
Freightliner Class 86s, 86638 & 86610.1 viewsFreightliner Class 86s, 86638 & 86610 were stabled for the weekend in Basford Hall Yard on Saturday 5th May 2012.
86638 was built at Doncaster Works in 1965 numbered E3108, 86610 was also a product of Doncaster, built in the same year, numbered E3104.
91127 at London Kings Cross.0 viewsStill branded East Coast, 91127 stands at Kings Cross with the 10.03 departure to Leeds on May 9th 2015. The Mk4 Coaches including the DVT are in unbranded Virgin Trains East Coast livery.

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VTEC 91128 (Xmas) at York.0 viewsComplete with its festive vinyls, Virgin Trains East Coast 91128 stands at York with the 11.00 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh on December 12th 2015.Dec 13, 2015
90013 at London Liverpool Street.0 viewsHaving arrived from Norwich, Greater Anglia Class 90 90013 rests on the block at Liverpool Street on August 1st 2015.Sep 09, 2015
Freightliner 86613 & 86622 pass Farington Junction.0 viewsFreightliner liveries old & new as 86613 & 86622 pass Farington Junction on the Up Slow whilst working 4M74 from Coatbridge to Crewe Basford Hall on May 13th 2015.May 17, 2015
Virgin East Coast 91120 arrives at Kings Cross.0 views91120 brings up the rear of the 14.00 departure from Edinburgh Waverley as it reaches journeys end at Kings Cross on May 9th 2015.May 15, 2015

Virgin East Coast 91109 at London Kings Cross.0 viewsWith Cubitts magnificent arched roof dating from 1852 as a backdrop, 91109 was stood at Kings Cross with the 18.00 to Edinburgh Waverley on May 9th 2015.May 15, 2015
Virgin East Coast 91105 at London Kings Cross.0 viewsIn the smart and stylish Virgin East Coast livery, 91105 stands at Kings Cross awaiting departure with the 18.03 to Leeds on May 9th 2015.May 14, 2015
Class 91 91107 at London Kings Cross.0 viewsIn full East Coast livery, 91107 -'Skyfall 007' stands at Kings Cross with the Virgin Trains East Coast 09.30 departure to Edinburgh Waverley on May 9th 2015. All being well following a high-speed sprint the 91 should be in the Scottish Capital at 14.13. In 2013 the locomotive and a rake of Mk4 coaches carried special 007 Skyfall vinyls.May 10, 2015
Class 91s 91127 & 91130 at London Kings Cross.0 viewsStill carrying East Coast livery without any Virgin branding, 91127 & 91130 stand at Kings Cross on May 9th 2015. The backdrop here continues to change with the ongoing redevelopments of the area between St Pancras and Kings Cross.
91127 was stood with the 10.03 to Leeds, whilst 91130 was in charge of the 10.30 departure to Edinburgh Waverley.
May 10, 2015

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