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New Holland Pier.0 zobrazeníA Class 114 DMU with cars 50001 & 56043, departs from New Holland Pier Station and rumbles down the 1,375 ft Pier with a service to Cleethorpes, on the 28th September 1980.
142028 & 153328 at Cartmell Lane.0 zobrazení142028 & 153328, emerge from the cutting and approach the bridge over Cartmell Lane, as they slow for the stop at Moss-Side with the 14.40 Blackpool South to Colne Service on the 26th February 2011.
377448 at Bishopstone.0 zobrazeníSouthern Electrostar, 377448 passes Buckles Caravan Park on the approach to Bishopstone Station with a service from Brighton to Seaford, on the 25th September 2010.
Class 205 DEMU 205009 at Warcop.1 zobrazeníIn faded Connex livery, Class 205 'Thumper', 205009 (ex 1109) stands at Warcop with a working to Sandford Bridge on May 28th 2005. The unit was built at Eastleigh works in 1957 for use on non-electrified services in Hampshire. After being replaced by new Derby built Turbo units in 2004, 205009 migrated North to the Eden Valley Railway, which is aiming to reinstate passenger trains over the 6 mile branch from Warcop to Appleby.

Barrow Haven.0 zobrazeníBarrow Haven station, Sunday August 31st 2014.
TPE 185108 approaches Staveley Level Crossing (Windermere Branch).0 zobrazeníTPE 185108 passes Milepost 6 as it approaches Staveley Level Crossing whilst working the 12.48 (2C11) Windermere to Oxenholme service on May 23rd 2015.
TPE 185108 at Burneside Lower Crossing (Windermere Branch).0 zobrazeníThe tail-end of 185108 temporarily blocks Sharps Lane as it passes over Burneside Lower Crossing with the 14.41 Windermere to Preston (1N32) on May 23rd 2015.
TPE 185109 arrives at Burneside (Windermere Branch).0 zobrazeníWith Burneside village and its paper mill as a backdrop, 185109 brings the 14.45 Preston to Windermere (1C74) First TransPennine Express service into the single platform on May 23rd 2015.

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EPS 37601 - Folkestone Harbour.0 zobrazeníAs the tide begins to come in, 37601 sits on the viaduct at Folkestone Harbour with the Pathfinder Tours 'Atomic Harbourmaster' railtour on October 20th 2007. Out of sight at the other end of the train was fellow EPS class 37, 37603. This was one of the last diesel hauled trains to traverse this line. The itinerary on that day included a trip along the Dungeness Branch. It was a long day - an 06.15 start from Crewe on Saturday morning and only getting back to Crewe at 01.24 on Sunday morning!10. Prosinec 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing and Signalbox.1 zobrazeníTwilight on October 17th 2015.05. Listopad 2015
153304 departs from Goxhill.1 zobrazeníAs 153304 disappears into the gloom with the 17.55 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes, the timber level crossing gates swing open to let the waiting traffic pass through. October 17th 2015.05. Listopad 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing.1 zobrazeníTwilight on an October evening at Goxhill, as headlights illuminate the timber level crossing gates closed across Howe Lane on October 17th 2015.05. Listopad 2015

153304 at Barton Lane Crossing.1 zobrazeníWith the new lights installed for the replacement crossing, 153304 passes over Barton Lane level crossing whilst working the 09.52 Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on October 17th 2015. The crossing gates here are due to be replaced with barriers by the end of 2015.05. Listopad 2015
153330 departs from New Holland.0 zobrazeníHaving called at New Holland, 153330 gets underway with the 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on Sunday 6th September 2015.01. Listopad 2015
153330 at Barrow Road Crossing, New Holland.0 zobrazeníAmidst the industrial backdrop of New Holland, 153330 passes over Barrow Road Level Crossing with the Sunday 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on September 6th 2015.01. Listopad 2015
153330 at Goxhill.0 zobrazení153330 awaits departure from Goxhill with the Sunday 09.58 Cleethorpes to Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on September 6th 2015.01. Listopad 2015

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