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Single Unit M55006 at Stourbridge Town.vaatamisi: 2At just under a mile in length the former GWR branch from Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town is a rare survivor. In July 1977, single unit M55006, waits to depart for the Junction, in the original station of 1879, which still had a BR Western Region, chocolate enamel running-in board. The station seen here has now been demolished and the site is a bus station. The branch has been shortened and a new station has been erected.
153316 Goxhill Level Crossing.vaatamisi: 1The level crossing gates are closed across Howe Lane, as 153316 departs from Goxhill, with the 13.58 Barton On Humber to Cleethorpes service on the 23rd April 2011.
156414 at Machynlleth.vaatamisi: 0In Provincial Services Livery, Class 156, 156414 was stabled between duties in the yard at Machynlleth on the former Cambrian system on the 19th July 1992. The station and yard was signalled with a mix of upper and lower quadrant signals.
60097 at Morecambe Promenade.vaatamisi: 2At the head of the Pathfinder 'Lancastrian' Tour, Class 60 60097 arrives at the doomed Morecambe Promenade Station on the 22nd May 1993. The train reversed here to traverse the branch to Heysham Port. The ex Midland Railway Signalbox dating from 1907, closed in 1994 along with the seafront terminus. The replacement station was sited where the signalbox was located.

Class 308, 144 at Witham.vaatamisi: 1Class 308, 144 stands at Witham awaiting departure with the branch service to Braintree on April 28th 1980. Even in 1980 that dark blue British Railways Eastern Region sign was a rare survivor and probably had remained in situ due to its elevated position above the overhead wires.
ATW 175108 at Llandudno.vaatamisi: 0175108 stands at Llandudno with the 14.42 departure to Manchester Piccadilly on November 29th 2014.
Light Railway/Tramway Rails - Burneside Station Yard.vaatamisi: 0The remains of the long-closed private light railway/tramway that connected the Goods Yard at Burneside Station to the nearby Cropper Paper Mills still visible on May 23th 2015. The line closed in 1972.
The 1 & 1/2 mile line was operated by a Ruston diesel loco built in 1949, and the standby loco was a Motor-Rail 40hp Petrol Locomotive built in 1924 named 'Rachel'. The loco has been preserved at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.
TPE 185108 at Burneside Lower Crossing (Windermere Branch).vaatamisi: 0185108 observes the 5 mph speed limit across Burneside Lower Crossing as it works the 14.17 Oxenholme to Windermere First TransPennine Express service on May 23rd 2015. The former Crossing-Keepers cottage on the right is now a private residence.

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EPS 37601 - Folkestone Harbour.vaatamisi: 0As the tide begins to come in, 37601 sits on the viaduct at Folkestone Harbour with the Pathfinder Tours 'Atomic Harbourmaster' railtour on October 20th 2007. Out of sight at the other end of the train was fellow EPS class 37, 37603. This was one of the last diesel hauled trains to traverse this line. The itinerary on that day included a trip along the Dungeness Branch. It was a long day - an 06.15 start from Crewe on Saturday morning and only getting back to Crewe at 01.24 on Sunday morning!dets 10, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing and Signalbox.vaatamisi: 1Twilight on October 17th 2015.nov 05, 2015
153304 departs from Goxhill.vaatamisi: 1As 153304 disappears into the gloom with the 17.55 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes, the timber level crossing gates swing open to let the waiting traffic pass through. October 17th 2015.nov 05, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing.vaatamisi: 1Twilight on an October evening at Goxhill, as headlights illuminate the timber level crossing gates closed across Howe Lane on October 17th 2015.nov 05, 2015

153304 at Barton Lane Crossing.vaatamisi: 1With the new lights installed for the replacement crossing, 153304 passes over Barton Lane level crossing whilst working the 09.52 Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on October 17th 2015. The crossing gates here are due to be replaced with barriers by the end of 2015.nov 05, 2015
153330 departs from New Holland.vaatamisi: 0Having called at New Holland, 153330 gets underway with the 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on Sunday 6th September 2015.nov 01, 2015
153330 at Barrow Road Crossing, New Holland.vaatamisi: 0Amidst the industrial backdrop of New Holland, 153330 passes over Barrow Road Level Crossing with the Sunday 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on September 6th 2015.nov 01, 2015
153330 at Goxhill.vaatamisi: 0153330 awaits departure from Goxhill with the Sunday 09.58 Cleethorpes to Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on September 6th 2015.nov 01, 2015

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