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153316 Barrow Haven Level Crossing.1 visualizaçõesOn the branch to Barton On Humber, Northern Rail, Class 153, 153316 departs from Barrow Haven with the 11.00 Cleethorpes to Barton On Humber, on the 23rd April 2011.
33107 on the Weymouth Harbour Tramway.1 visualizaçõesThe Ford Granada gets out of the way as Class 33/1, 33107 heads along Commercial Road at Weymouth. The Boat Train from London Waterloo was passing the bus depot, and slowly making its way to the Harbour Station at walking pace on May 30th 1986.
Class 116, E50920 at Wickford.1 visualizaçõesWeary commuters board E50920 as it sits in the bay platform at Wickford on the 1st May 1980. The Class 116 was forming an early evening service on the 16.5 Mile Southminster Branch. There is a fine selection of period cars lined up outside the station along with an Eastern Counties green liveried Leyland National Bus, awaiting custom outside the station entrance.
142044 departs from Burnley Barracks.0 visualizaçõesHaving called at Burnley Barracks, 142044 climbs the bank towards Gannow Junction with the 11.50 Colne to Blackpool South on November 10th 2012. The section from Gannow Junction, just East of Rose Grove, to Colne was singled in 1986. A far cry from the days when this was a double track trans-pennine route to Skipton.

47217 at Rufford.1 visualizações47217 with an engineers train at Rufford, A view taken from the steps of the doomed Signal Box on November 13th 1988. This was the second of two weekends that saw the level crossing gates replaced by barriers, and the points were converted to spring operation, with the signals being replaced with colour lights. The Saxby & Farmer Signal Box dating from 1875 was decommissioned and control was transferred to a portable cabin on the station. The brake van behind the loco was a BR 20 Ton ZTO, number DB954159.
DRS 37419 approaches Burscough.0 visualizaçõesDRS 37419 approaches Burscough with the Pathfinder Tours 'Lancs Links' from Crewe on March 7th 2015.
Class 101 E54076 at Pages Crossing, Ulnes Walton.1 visualizaçõesHaving worked over the Pennines from Leeds to Preston, an Eastern Region 2-Car Class 101 with West Yorkshire Metrotrain branding was used on a fill-in turn from Preston to Ormskirk at tea-time on May 29th 1985. This was a Monday-Friday routine, that saw three different DMU sets working to Ormskirk in the early evening, the services crossing in the loop at Rufford. Having worked to Ormskirk E54076/E 53136 pass over Pages Crossing returning to Preston on the approach to Midge Hall.
Goxhill.1 visualizaçõesA timeless scene at Goxhill on the evening of September 5th 2015.

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EPS 37601 - Folkestone Harbour.0 visualizaçõesAs the tide begins to come in, 37601 sits on the viaduct at Folkestone Harbour with the Pathfinder Tours 'Atomic Harbourmaster' railtour on October 20th 2007. Out of sight at the other end of the train was fellow EPS class 37, 37603. This was one of the last diesel hauled trains to traverse this line. The itinerary on that day included a trip along the Dungeness Branch. It was a long day - an 06.15 start from Crewe on Saturday morning and only getting back to Crewe at 01.24 on Sunday morning!10 Dez, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing and Signalbox.1 visualizaçõesTwilight on October 17th 2015.05 Nov, 2015
153304 departs from Goxhill.1 visualizaçõesAs 153304 disappears into the gloom with the 17.55 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes, the timber level crossing gates swing open to let the waiting traffic pass through. October 17th 2015.05 Nov, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing.1 visualizaçõesTwilight on an October evening at Goxhill, as headlights illuminate the timber level crossing gates closed across Howe Lane on October 17th 2015.05 Nov, 2015

153304 at Barton Lane Crossing.1 visualizaçõesWith the new lights installed for the replacement crossing, 153304 passes over Barton Lane level crossing whilst working the 09.52 Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on October 17th 2015. The crossing gates here are due to be replaced with barriers by the end of 2015.05 Nov, 2015
153330 departs from New Holland.0 visualizaçõesHaving called at New Holland, 153330 gets underway with the 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on Sunday 6th September 2015.01 Nov, 2015
153330 at Barrow Road Crossing, New Holland.0 visualizaçõesAmidst the industrial backdrop of New Holland, 153330 passes over Barrow Road Level Crossing with the Sunday 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on September 6th 2015.01 Nov, 2015
153330 at Goxhill.0 visualizações153330 awaits departure from Goxhill with the Sunday 09.58 Cleethorpes to Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on September 6th 2015.01 Nov, 2015

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