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4-VEP 7745 at Lymington Town.3 viewsYork built 4-VEP emu, 7745 departs from Lymington Town, and passes over Bridge Road level crossing, with a service from Lymington Pier to Brockenhurst in July 1986.
Class 304, 020 at Manchester Piccadilly.2 viewsStill in 4-Car formation, Class 304 emu, 020 awaits departure from Manchester Piccadilly whilst working from Altrincham to Alderley Edge in September 1979.
Class 304, 304039 at Farington.3 viewsEmus were never a common sight on the WCML north of Crewe, but there was a Saturday Only working from Crewe to Preston & return for a time. Class 304, 304039 bowls along the Up Fast at Farington just south of Leyland with the service from Preston to Crewe on the 31st March 1988. The unit is passing the Leyland Motors Farington Works. 304039 was one of the second batch of 304s built with wide windows and doors to seating bays rather than compartment style layout of the earlier batch.
4-TC 415 at Wareham.3 viewsPropelled by Class 33, 33108, 4-TC set number 415 arrives at Wareham with a service from Weymouth to Bournemouth on the 24th July 1986. The 4-TC would be attached to the rear of a 4-REP EMU at Bournemouth for the run up to Waterloo.
Wareham was the junction station for trains to Swanage until the branch was closed in 1972. Hopefully one day soon, trains from the revived Swanage Branch will run to here once more.

Class 504, M77177 at Heaton Park.1 viewsManchester-Bury Class 504 with M77177 leading, prepares to call at Heaton Park with a late afternoon working from Bury to Crumpsall on the 29th July 1991. The unique line had just three weeks of operation left before closure on the 16th August for conversion to part of the Manchester Metrolink system. The section of line between Manchester Victoria and Crumpsall had closed in April 1991.
Class 504 M65453 at Manchester Victoria.3 viewsClass 504 Driving Trailer M65453 awaits departure from Manchester Victoria with a service to Bury on the 3rd February 1990. This terminal platform has now been removed and the Metrolink tracks run across the site in order to gain street access into the city centre.
Class 504 M77178 at Radcliffe.3 viewsWith only three weeks left before the cessation of 3rd Rail working on the former Bury to Manchester line, a scuffy looking Class 504 emu with M77178 leading, approaches the stop at Radcliffe with a Bury to Crumpsall service on the 29th July 1991. The masts for the overhead and the new colour-light signal are installed ready for conversion of the line to the Manchester Metrolink.
Class 504 M65457 at Reddish Electric Depot.1 viewsIn unfamiliar surroundings, and still coupled to a BR 20Ton Brake Van, Manchester-Bury Class 504 EMU formed of cars M65457 & M77178 stand at Reddish Electric Depot on July 12th 1981. The unit was awaiting attention to its wheelsets on the Depot wheel lathe.

Last additions - Slam Door EMUs

Ex South Tyneside EPB 5793 - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton, Coventry.2 viewsThe last surviving EPB unit built in 1954 for the South Tyneside electrified lines has been saved for posterity at the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton close to Coventry Airport seen on September 13th 2015. When the Tyneside system was de-electrified in 1963, the 15 units were transferred to the Southern Region to join the similar EPB fleet already in service. The Tyneside units had a larger brake van area and were fitted with a smaller headcode window in the cab fronts.
Nov 05, 2015
2-HAP 4311 (61287) - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton, Coventry.0 viewsWith Kent Coast branding on its Network South East livery, 2-HAP 4311 was on display at the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton on September 13th 2015. The two-car unit was built at Eastleigh in 1958.
This and the other views were taken on an early morning visit to the museum, when the volunteers here kindly let me gain access before the official opening time. If your ever in the area when the museum is open, pay them a visit and give them some support. The collection is unique and well worth a look.
Nov 05, 2015
2-HAP 4311 - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton, Coventry.0 viewsIn Network South East livery, 2-HAP 4311 is one of the many exhibits on display at the Electric Railway Museum at Bagington near to Coventry Airport, seen on September 13th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
Class 308 Driving Trailer 75881 (308136) - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton, Coventry.2 viewsFormer West Yorkshire class 308 driving trailer 75881 from set 308136 is being restored at the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton, seen on September 13th 2015. This is the sole surviving class 308 vehicle.Nov 05, 2015

Class 307 Driving Trailer 75023 - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton.1 viewsThe sole surviving class 307 driving trailer 75023, has been restored to BR blue livery at the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton near to Coventry Airport, seen on September 13th 2015. Other class 307 driving trailers were converted to PCVs for Rail Express Systems mail and parcel trains.Nov 05, 2015
Clacton Class 309 Driving Trailer 75642 - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton.1 viewsRestored externally to London & South East livery, Clacton class 309 driving trailer 75642 is one of two former Clacton EMUs in the collection of the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton. September 13th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
4-SUB 4732 - Electric Railway Museum, Baginton, Coventry.1 viewsThe last surviving 4-SUB unit, 4732 at the Electric Railway Museum at Baginton near to Coventry Airport on September 13th 2015. The four coach EMU was built to a Southern Railway design at Eastleigh in 1951.Nov 05, 2015
Class 504, M77177 at Bury Depot.1 viewsClass 504s gather at Bury Depot on February 15th 1979. The nearest car is Driving Trailer Second M77177, one of 26 similar cars built at Wolverton in 1959.Mar 16, 2015

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