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Class 47, 47615 on Farington Curve.12 viewsOn a throwback to the old 'Wakes Week' Holiday Trains of the past, Class 47, 47615-'Caerphilly Castle' drops down Farington Curve with the Saturday Only, Rose Grove to Paignton Service on the 11th August 1988. The 47 will work the train to Preston, where an AC electric locomotive will take over for the leg to Birmingham New Street.
56085 at Strand Road Crossing.6 viewsWith three home signals guarding the exit to Strand Road level crossing, 56085 emerges from the former Preston Dock Estate with a mixed load of empty tar & petroleum tank wagons, being returned to Lindsey Oil Refinery on July 25th 1984.
3-Car Class 101, M53327 at Leyland.5 viewsA Metro-Cammell Class 101 3-Car DMU stands on the Up Fast at Leyland as it calls with a Blackpool North to Manchester Victoria service on November 4th 1986. DMBS M53327 is leading. The 101s were never common around Preston, but several sets appeared at Newton Heath during the mid 1980s as a stop-gap between the worn-out Class 104s & 120s and the introduction of the new Class 150 Sprinter fleet.
Prototype 89001 at Leyland.10 viewsThe unique prototype Class 89, 89001, approaches Leyland on the Down Fast Line with a test train on the 28th September 1987. Besides a Derby RTC Test Coach 10, the rest of the train consisted of the BREL 'International Stock'. 89001 had been built at Crewe in 1986 as a potential contender for a fleet to be constructed for the then forthcoming East Coast Main Line Electrification Project. In the event the BREL Class 91s were chosen as the production series locomotives, and the stylish 89 remained a one off.

NSE Class 47, 47582 at Leyland.8 viewsBrightening the up the routine, Network South East Liveried Class 47, 47582-'County of Norfolk', made a surprise appearance at Leyland with the daily Nottingham to Blackpool North Service on the 10th May 1988.
37418 approaches Chorley.7 viewsIn Regional Railways livery, Class 37/4, 37418-'The East Lancashire Railway', slows on the approach to Chorley Station with the 17.28 Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service on the 21st August 1995. The area in the foreground is now the station car park.
'Energy' & 47278 at Preston Docks - Guild 1992.8 viewsDuring Preston Guild 1992, over the weekend of the 2,3 & 4th May, a steam hauled service operated over the part of the revised dock railway. Temporary 'stations' were built at Portway and almost at the end of line, near to the loco depot where the Sentinel Diesel Locomotives were kept. As part of the event, Class 47, 47278-'Vasidae' was also on display. Here at the end of the days operation on the 2nd May 1992, 47278 and Preston Corporation Sentinel, 'Energy' keep company ouside the loco depot.
EMU 312704 at Preston.10 viewsClass 312 emu, 312704 at Preston with the summer Saturday only service, from Birmingham International to Lancaster, on the 26th September 1987. The 312 was one of a small fleet based in the West Midlands, for use between Birmingham New Street and Birmingham International. 312704 carried the West Midlands PTE livery, as carried by the bus fleet, and was dubbed the 'bruised banana'.

Class 20, 20056 & HEA 360750 at Deepdale Coal Sidings.7 viewsHaving arrived with loaded HEA Coal Hoppers from Toton Yard, 20056 is in the undergrowth at Deepdale on May 24th 1985. Alongside is the rear of the empty rake of HEAs that the 20s will work back on the remaining stub of the Preston to Longridge branch on their way to Toton. This location at the entrance to the coal depot and sidings is near to the site of the original Preston and Longridge Railway passenger terminus opened in 1840.
Class 104 'White Liner' at Chorley Station.8 viewsThe Newton Heath based Class 104 3-Car DMU sets embellished with a white stripe, were the mainstay of services between Blackpool North & Manchester Victoria in the 1970s. In a scene repeated daily, M50472 brings up the rear of Manchester Victoria service as it calls at Chorley on a warm afternoon in September 1979. The station buildings in this view were swept away in the 1980s when the station was reconstructed. Beyond the Signalbox, now gone, is the former Goods Yard, now the station Car Park.
Class 47, 47228 at Deepdale Mill Street.11 viewsWith Deepdale Junction in the background, 47228 runs slowly approaching the level crossing at Deepdale Mill Street on the 19th December 1986. The loco was preparing to shunt some HEA coal hoppers in the sidings at Fletcher Road. This section of railway was the original Preston & Longridge line of 1840.
Class 37, 37222 at Deepdale Mill Street.14 viewsClass 37, 37222 propells its loaded train of HEA coal hoppers into position in the coal yard at Deepdale on the 25th July 1991. The empties are to the right of the locomotive, ready to be worked back to Washwood Heath. The level crossing gates at Deepdale Mill Street match the general air of decay.
This section of railway was the original isolated Preston & Longridge line of 1840.
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