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97020 at Reading Depot.10 viewsThe former shunter at the Reading Signal Works was Ruston & Hornsby 88DS, number 97020. Made redundant by a class 06, transferred from Scotland, the 1957 built loco is seen at Reading Diesel Depot on the 15th November 1981.
Class 37, 37277 at Swansea East Dock.8 viewsClass 37, 37277 is stabled at Swansea East Dock on Sunday 11th October 1981.
08637 & 08663 at Swansea East Dock.6 viewsClass 08s, 08637 & 08663 were stabled at Swansea East Dock on the 11th October 1981. Alongside the 08s, were coal merchants lorries and 16ton coal wagons.
08276 - Remains of - Doncaster Works.7 viewsThe mortal remains of Class 08, 08276, stand in the cutting area at the rear of Doncaster Works in February 1980.

Class 25, 25145 at Manchester Victoria.5 viewsIn September 1979, Class 25 25145 was the wallside pilot bank engine at Manchester Victoria. The locomotive was on standby to bank eastbound freight trains up the steep gradient to Miles Platting. The wallside pilots, along with the old ramshackle Manchester Victoria with its coastal buffet, visible here in the shadows behind 25145, are long departed.
Class 06, 97804 at Reading.5 viewsFormer Scottish Region Class 06, 06003 was transferred to Reading for use in the signal works, taking over shunting duties from resident Ruston & Hornsby diesel shunter, 97020. The loco was at Reading Depot on the 15th November 1981.
Class 06, 06002 at Reading.4 viewsWhen Class 06, 06003 was transferred from Scotland to shunt the Reading Signal Works, 06002 was also sent along to provide a source of spares. The two 06s, were at Reading Depot on the 15th November 1981.
Master & Slave Class 13s at Tinsley Yard.7 viewsA pair of the Class 13 'Master & Slave' shunters, 13001 & 13003, bask in the winter sunshine between duties in January 1979. Created for use in Sheffield Tinsley Marshalling Yard, they, like the yard that was their stamping ground, are but a memory.

26007 at Leith Docks.6 viewsThe crew of Class 26, 26007, have stopped to 'open' the level crossing gates at Leith Docks on the 24th July 1981.
03162 at Birkenhead Docks.6 viewsOn a blistering hot 26th August 1985, Class 03 03162 was stabled for the weekend at Duke Street Wharf on Birkenhead Docks.
03170 at Duke St Wharf Birkenhead Docks.7 viewsAllocated to Birkenhead Mollington Street Depot, Class 03, 03170, whiles away a Sunday afternoon, stabled at Duke Street Wharf in Birkenhead Docks on the 1st April 1983.
16Ton Mineral Wagon in Rail Blue at Horwich Works.7 viewsOn the 9th May 1982, there were some 16Ton Mineral Wagons in internal use at Horwich Works. Resplendant in Rail Blue was ex B576498, loaded with scrap metal from dismantled SR emus.
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