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Class 37, 37407 at Leyland.9 viewsIn Transrail Livery, Class 37, 37407-'Blackpool Tower' stands at Leyland, on the Up Slow Line, with the early morning Blackpool North to Manchester Victoria 'Club' Train formed of Regional Railways Stock in May 1996.
Class 37, 37407 & Regional Railways stock at Leyland.9 viewsClass 37, 37407-'Blackpool Tower' awaits departure from Leyland in May 1996, with the morning Blackpool North to Manchester Victoria 'Club' Train. Behind the locomotive is a smart looking Regional Railways Mark 1 Brake Second. 37407 was built at Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic numbered D6605 in October 1965, allocated to Cardiff Canton Depot.
Preston Station Pilot - 08599.9 viewsThe Preston Station Pilot Locomotive, Class 08, 08599 stands behind the PCD Platform at Preston in May 1996. In faded rail blue livery, the 08 was one of a long line of station pilots, now sadly a thing of the past. The loco was originally numbered D3766.
Class 40, 40026 at Preston.9 viewsClass 40 40026 stands at the PCD platform at Preston with a southbound mail & parcels working in June 1979. The train is a typical mixed rake vehicles, BR GUVs, a Mark 1 Full Brake, a Southern 4-wheeled Utility Van and several BR 4-Wheeled CCTs.

Class 40 40002 at Deepdale.9 viewsClass 40 40002 slowly reverses its train of empty 21 Ton Coal Hoppers across Deepdale Mill Street Level Crossing on the 15th August 1983. Once the train has reached Deepdale Junction, the 40 will haul the empties to Healey Mills Yard.
When new in 1958, D202 as the loco was then, was a regular performer on class 1 duties on the East Anglian Main Line, based at Stratford Depot and working express services from Liverpool Street - a far cry from the Deepdale Branch 25 years later!
Class 52, D1029 at Swindon Works.9 viewsWestern Class 52, D1029-'Western Legionnaire' awaits its fate in the company of a condemned brake van in the scrapping area at Swindon Works in July 1977. The locomotive was built at Swindon in 1964.
Class 52, D1033 at Swindon Works.9 viewsClass 52, D1033-'Western Trooper' heads a row of withdrawn Westerns at Swindon Works in July 1977. Several of the locomotives had their cabs sheeted over to prevent water ingress and glass damage. D1033 was a product of Crewe Works and was built in 1964. The loco was not scrapped until 1979.
Class 502, M28366M at Sandhills.9 viewsAt a snow-covered Sandhills situated in the Liverpool Docks area, Class 502 M28366M stands with an Ormskirk bound service in the fading afternoon light of a January day in 1979.

Class 25, 25912-'Tamworth Castle' at Preston Dock St.9 viewsClass 25/9, 25912 -'Tamworth Castle' stands in Preston Dock St Sidings with a ballast train on the 21st March 1987. The loco numbered as 25322, gained its special livery at Tyseley Depot for an appearance at a railfair at Tamworth in May 1984. In 1985 a small sub-class of 25s was created, and renumbered into the 25/9 series, all being allocated to Carlisle Kingmoor Depot.
101683 arriving at Preston.9 viewsIn Regional Railways livery, Three-Car Class 101, 101683 arrives at Preston with the 09.45 Manchester Piccadilly to Blackpool North Service on the 12th April 1997.
Class 47 47042 at Bamber Bridge.9 viewsWith a dusting of snow on the ground, Class 47, 47042 brings a lengthy Severn Tunnel Junction to Carlisle freight out of the loop at Bamber Bridge on the 22nd March 1978. These were the last days of long distance wagon load freights making the diversion off the WCML and using the East Lancashire Line to Blackburn in order to access the S&C.
Strand Road - Preston Docks - 1982.9 viewsThe changing scene at Strand Road. On the 3rd June 1982, 37024 has just arrived with the train from Lindsey Oil Refinery. Viewed from the footplate of one of the former dock Sentinel diesels, left to right we have the Boiler House & Chimney of the old Dick Kerr Works, the Victoria Warehouse of 1845, the BAC Factory on Strand Road and on the extreme right the wartime day nursery building. The train would now be sat in the Park & Ride car park! The Penwortham Bypass Bridge now runs across this scene.
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