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Class 503, M29273M at Birkenhead Docks.10 viewsThe grounded remains of Class 503 driving trailer M29273M , awaits its fate at Duke Street Wharf on Birkenhead Docks in July 1984.
Class 503, M28381M at Birkenhead Park.10 viewsClass 503, M28381M leads a West Kirby bound service at Birkenhead Park in May 1979.
Class 503, M29289M at Birkenhead Central.10 viewsClass 503, 'Wirral & Mersey' driving trailer M29289M sits at the head of a 6-car formation in the bay platform at Birkenhead Central in May 1979. Another 6-car set is stabled under cover in the car sheds. Birkenhead Central was the HQ of the former Mersey Railway.
Class 503, M29141M at West Kirby.10 viewsStabled for the weekend at West Kirby, a 6-car Class 503 set with driving trailer M29141M nearest the camera in May 1979. The station here was rebuilt by the LMS in 1938 when the line was electrified.

Class 503, M29150M at Birkenhead North.10 viewsClass 503 driving trailer M29150M, brings up the rear of a Liverpool Central to West Kirby service as it calls at Birkenhead North in April 1984. The trailer is one of the post war build constructed by BRCW in 1956. In 1983, the 1956 built examples were briefly considered as possible replacements for the life expired ex underground stock used on the Isle of Wight. A gauging run using a template attached to an IOW unit was a failure, as it hit one bridge and had to be adjusted to get under another.
47569 arrives at Dawlish.10 viewsIn the days when a cross country holiday train from the West Country on a summer Saturday warranted 9 coaches, a buffet car & 2 full brakes for the luggage, 47569 complete with silver roof, arrives at Dawlish with a Plymouth to Newcastle working on the 28th May 1987. Happy Days!
Class 47, 47303 on the Ormskirk Line.10 viewsNear to the former Moss lane Junction at the top of the incline from Farington Curve Junction on the Preston to Ormskirk line, Class 47, 47303 stands with an engineering train on Sunday July 7th 1991. The train was recovering scrap track materials from the former Up line, disused since 1983, and patch ballasting on the remaining single line.
Class 47s 47768 & 47627 with GNER stock at Maudland Jct.10 viewsRes liveried 47768-'Resonant' & EWS maroon liveried 47627 pass Maudland Junction with a Wolverton to Craigentenny ECS working on the 25th April 1998. Complete with barrier vehicle the 47 duo were moving newly refurbished GNER Mk3 HST trailer coaches. Preston Power Box is in the background. Photography is now impossible at this location, as the saplings in the foreground have now grown into full blown trees

47541-'The Queen Mother' at Preston Dock St.10 viewsCelebrity Class 47, 47541 -'The Queen Mother' in Scotrail branded InterCity livery , and complete with Highland Rail logo, was stabled at the entrance to Dock Street Sidings at Preston on Sunday 7th September 1986.
37024 at Strand Road Level Crossing.10 viewsThe Health and Safety people would have a seizure today at the sight of a loaded train of tank wagons crossing a main road, feet away from vehicles, with the only protection being a man with a red flag! Immingham Depots Class 37, 37024 makes its way across Strand Road on the 3rd June 1982 with loaded Petroleum & Tar tankers bound for the former Preston Dock Estate. That leading tank wagon is one of the fleet taken out of service in late 2010. The Ford Cortina Estate will now be long departed.
1967 Victoria Line Stock at Booths Rotherham.9 viewsThe view across the yard at CF Booths Scrapyard at Rotherham, on the 12th of February 2011, sees from left to right, 1967 Victoria Line cars, 4004, 3104 & 3069.
Class 40, 40099 at Preston.9 viewsClass 40, 40099 is on an engineers train stood in Platform 3 at Preston Station, during Sunday engineering work in September 1978.
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