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Class 502, M28354M at Hall Road.36 viewsFresh in blue & grey livery, M28354M stands in the centre siding at Hall Road in April 1979. The driving car has a broken centre window.55555
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Class 504, 77168 & 77182 at Woodlands Road.5 viewsAs a Manchester Victoria to Bury service departs from Woodlands Road on the 13th July 1991, formed of Class 504, M77168 & M77182, life goes on in Cardinal Street with the Manchester Evening News just being delivered to the local Newsagent shop. This image was recorded from the balcony of a flat above a row of shops overlooking the line. 1990 was the last full year of operation for the 1200v DC electric services.55555
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Ex BR Class 05s, D2587 & D2595 at Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsWith the structures of the mothballed power station at Kearsley as a backdrop, Ex BR Class 05 diesel shunters that had been CEGB Numbers 1 & 2 from Chadderton power station, were stored with other redundant CEGB North West Area locomotives on the evening of May 13th 1982. The power station opened in 1929 and closed in October 1980, Everything has since been demolished and cleared, and housing now covers the area.55555
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Ruston Diesel - Leyland Metal Company.6 viewsAfter the Goods Yard at Leyland closed in 1968, the area was used by the Leyland Metal Company as a scrapyard. Still rail served, the scrap metal was loaded into 16 Ton Mineral Wagons, shunted about the yard by this Ruston 88DS Diesel Shunter. Built in 1956, works number 466626 the loco had previously worked for Bowater Packaging. It was also fitted with overhead wire warning plates, as the loco worked into a headshunt alongside the electrified WCML. This image was recorded on 28th September 1981.55555
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507023 at Freshfields.5 views507023 in original blue & grey livery, leads a 6-Car formation at Freshfields whilst working a Southport to Hunts Cross Service on the 1st September 1991.55555
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Class 502, M28347M at Sandills.11 viewsClass 502, M28347M in blue & grey livery brings up the rear of a Garston to Kirkby Service at Sandhills on a cold afternoon in January 1979.55555
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CO & CP Stock at Long Marston.7 viewsCars 53020 & 53048 have been grounded at Birds Scrapyard at Long Marston, prior to breaking up. 12th October 1981.55555
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507001 at Freshfield Station.15 viewsPioneer Class 507, 507001 still in original livery, calls at Freshfield with a Southport to Hunts Cross service on the 1st September 1991.55555
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Class 507, 507007 at Hall Road Station.7 viewsClass 507, 507007 in Merseyrail livery, leads a 6-car formation into Hall Road in July 1995, whilst working from Southport to Hunts Cross. The Depot is to the left of the station platforms.55555
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Class 304 (AM4) 035 at Stafford.2 viewsAlmost a total 1960's scene at Stafford on the evening of September 19th 1978, as Class 304, Set 035 still in 4-Car formation with its first class saloon calls en-route to Rugby. The station at Stafford was a product of the massive investment and upgrade of the Premier Line in the mid 1960's when the electrification was completed from Liverpool & Crewe to London Euston. The 304s shared the semi-fast services along with the AM10 units. The 304s were built in two batches at Wolverton with 45 sets being built.55555
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Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsIn the fading light of a Spring evening on May 13th 1982, stored CEGB locomotives were gathered at Kearsley Power Station near Bolton. The power station was mothballed and the 500v system that connected the power station to the Manchester-Bolton line was redundant. Electric loco No.2 that had been one of the exhibits at Rainhill in 1980 was stood with ex BR Class 05s that had come from the power station at nearby Chadderton. The locos were formerly numbered D2587 & D2595.
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Class 108 M56263 & M50973 Burscough Junction.1 viewsA Class 108 formed of cars M56263 & M50973 arrives at Burscough Junction with the 12.57 Preston to Ormskirk on 21st June 1980. The station had an ever so long down platform complete with a bay, both a legacy from the days when Burscough Junction was on the former double track ex L&Y mainline between Preston & Liverpool Exchange. The connection was still in from Burscough Bridge serving the MOF warehouses through the gate on the right.55555
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